Monday, November 23, 2009

Cold Bebop! Weird Canada!

Weird Canada review of Krangs first EP! COLD BEBOP.

From the private pantry of Dr. Jesse Locke:
Edmonton’s Krang began as a drum and bass (not D&B) duo featuring mustachioed main-men Jordan Foster and Jared Majeski, cheekily dubbing themselves the Two Man Electrical Band. However, it wasn’t until the enlisting of Zebra Pulse’s Parker Thiessen on cracked electronics, clarinet and manipulated kids toys that the trio truly cemented their sound. Now, with Foster and Majeski trading off tripped-out, heavily echoed vocals over hypnotic Sabbath riffs (dig the Master of Reality-influenced album art), lonely harmonica and what sounds like a malfunctioning robot squealing away abrasively high in the mix, these teenage mutants have raised the gnar bar high. [Levin's note: I like these dudes because they sound like German art-punk on meth.]

Thanks to Jesse Locke and Aaron Levin of Weird Canada.

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