Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Psychedelic stew

Here's what White Whale recording artist Eamon McGrath (who also lent his talents in recording and mixing our latest EP) had to say about Krang:

"Edmonton, Alberta's KRANG is a behemoth of sorts: a monstrous, slithering trainwreck of bass, drums, distortion, stewing in a pit of dehydrated psychedelic stew. The sound of Black Sabbath and Hawkwind filtered through the 90s lo-fi 4-track revolution, with a lunatic noise wizard at the helm steering the spaceship into oblivion. If you took the deformed, inbred brainchild of Wolf Eyes, Guided By Voices, and Sunn0))) you might be getting close to the mutated monstrosity that is KRANG...but even then, you'd be in some distant land, wandering through the desert, tempted by Satan, sucking on some pebble in hopes of pathetically seeing it all through.

"They Came From Planet D" is KRANG's first Cassettes Records offering, recorded live off the floor in an attic somewhere in the frozen winter labyrinth of downtown Edmonton. This is the feeling of being cooped up in a season. "Sometimes," says Parker James Thiessen, assigned to commandeering KRANG's barrage of digital noise and destruction; "when we jam, it's so loud, that I see spots when we're done."

Well if that ain't mean, I don't know what is."

Thanks Eamon.
(photo taken by Manon George)

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