Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Photos above taken by Arif Ansari.

Back from a three-day jaunt around Alberta and Saska-bush. The Thursday night Fuckfest at Wunderbar was just that, except with more smoke. Broken City on Friday saw our bellies full of Pogos and our minds blown by the Ketamines. Thanks to Ben and Seth for puttin' together the party.

Saturday night - our first show outside Alberta. Saskatoon to be exact. It was a sincere pleasure playing with the mighty Shooting Guns. The night was one to remember...or forget, depending on who you ask.

With that, we have apparently become the Wunderbar house band. Who cares - that place fucking rules. We're playing with some serious psych bands - please don't miss out.

April 8
w/ Dead Horse, Jay Crocker

April 23
w/ Shooting Guns
DJs to follow

April 29
w/ Fist City, The Group Sound

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  1. Loving the tracks on WC; looking forward to a physical copy

    enjoy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WkYr_Trog18