Thursday, July 26, 2012

KRANG 7inch Release Party!

Krang releases their long awaited split 7" with Saskatooners, Shooting Guns. What better way to celebrate than with some other Saskatooners!! This is Krangs first show in over a month, and they wont be playing for over a month after that, so don't miss what people are calling the Krang event of the late summer! Plus, I mean Feral Children, c'mon, they are amazing!!!

Doors at 7pm show at 8pm
... 10217 97st
in Edmonton

Feral Children (Saskatoon) -
"Saskatoon’s Feral Children are becoming a crucial cog in the soundtrack of our salvation. In my opinion, Feral Children are one of the most important new bands in Canada. The original FC recordings were the bedroom musings of Davidson, a series of self-taught experiments in looping and noise, with happy accidents forming the edges. Now a proper band, they’re evolving; if their previous work is confused protozoa dwelling in murky primordial ooze, then their new, self-titled album — two years in the making — sprouts legs to walk on land, a purpose slowly forming in the design. Having a full band gives Davidson the opportunity to focus on his guitars and vocals, especially in a live setting. It was always his vision driving this project forward, now it’s literally his amazing and charismatic vocal performance that pushes the boundaries. The songs themselves are a whirl of hypnotic loops, psychedelic white guitar noise, and primal melodies, with Davidson hollering and whooping like the last sane man trying to bring the mad population back from the brink — or perhaps, a madman trying to bring the sane down with him. And yet, in some perverse way, Feral Children is also a pop band — even with everything going on here, there are no shortage of hooks and melodies to latch on to. Feral Children is the stone from the slingshot, flung through time, striking down that which we fear the most. Or maybe it’s just some shit that’s really fun to dance to. Either way, it takes us from being those terrified alley cats to entities making sense of the world — if only for the fleeting length of a jam." - Criag Silliphant @

Zombifyus -
was formed in late 2010 by Josh Feldman and Bennett Dobni. Since then, they have released 3 short run EP’s, toured western Canada with Paper Beat Scissors and played shows with Chad VanGaalen, Moonface and Shearing Pinx.
Their music is characterized by elaborate arrangements of synthesizer, drum samples, loops, guitars, drum set and vocals. They combine ambience with grooving drums, melodies and spaced out vocal leads, blending psychedelia and drone with pop music sensibility.
This summer will hold a Canada-wide tour with Feral Children, a new EP release and a relocation to Montreal in the fall.

Krang -
fall back into a hazy groove and get enveloped in Krang’s tangible smog. Soulful, desolate, driving, soaring, otherworldly – the Edmonton band is in a constant state of psych-flux, but you’re able to completely absorb the sonic explosion; picture spiraling through a wormhole while being aurally blasted from all sides. From meandering builds to garage energy to Sabbath-styled riffioso, you’re always involved and immersed. Krang goes full on, so don’t feel this fringe from the fringe – dive deep into these murky waters.

doors 7pm
bands 8 pm

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