Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Like sand through an hourglass....

Welllll howdy there! It's been a sleepy summer for Krang -- vacations, trips, unwinding in nature. We all back in the city next week, meaning it's time to start gearin' up.

Masters of our upcoming full length LP Prairie Tragedy are complete. Thanks to former Monster Magnet John McBain for his fuzzed-out wizardry. Once artwork is finished, it'll be off to the presses.

What's coming up in the near horizon, under the nearly-ending sun of Edmonton summer? Well, a few things actually:

Sept. 27 @ Wunderbar with BA Johnston

Oct 12/13 @ Up + Downtown Festival with a bunch of sweet bands and DJs

AND, we're putting the finishing touches on a November tour through the prairies. Keep tuned in to find out the whens and wheres.

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