Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Oh hey there! Krang Tour News and More Important Business

So a funny thing happened a couple months ago. As Parker and I tried to create a Soundcloud account -- which is maddeningly connected to Google + -- we ended up getting locked out of our band gmail account.

Our new email address is Send all press, tour, cuddling inquiries there.

Now we are able to update our blog again -- our apologies to everyone who vigorously follows the coming and goings of Krang. We've got lots on the go, so listen up!


We're embarking on a prairie jaunt in a couple weeks. If you're in one of these fine cities, DO drop by the show.

Nov 6 @ Wunderbar (Edmonton) w/ Banshee

Nov 8 @ CKXU (Lethbridge) --> on-air performance plus show at The Owl with Devonian Gardens and Yeah Dads

Nov 9 @ Amigo's (Saskatoon) w/ Shooting Guns, Chron Goblin **ALBUM RELEASE FOR THE MIGHTY SHOOTING GUNS

Nov 10 @ Dead Lobster (Winnipeg) w/ Rob Crooks, The Surprise Party, Cheering for the Bad Guy

Nov 11 @ The Club (Regina) w/ ChronoBot, Electric Mother, Lost Sherpas

Nov 12 @ Sloth Records (Calgary) In-store performance


Our first full length LP, Prairie Tragedy, is mixed, mastered and ready for pressing. Expect fresh new vinyl from us within a couple months.


New t-shirts are being screened, stickers being made and special promo cassettes of Prairie Tragedy (plus a little bonus track) are being dubbed. If you want any of this shit, come to the show!

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